Contribute to the Software

We welcome all contributions. You can help in the following ways:

  • Testing and Bug Reports: We always appreciate testing various features and reporting any problems. You can use our GitHub issue tracker for bug reports.

  • Example Problems: While we provide entries for example problems, not all of them have been tested experimentally. We always appreciate users testing the concepts and structures in the real world. We will, of course, give appropriate citations when applicable.

  • Documentation: The software always needs more documentaion. We use Sphinx which is very straightforward.

  • New Features: We appreciate implementation of new features. There are a few ways to go about this:

    • If you can add features using the object-oriented approach, submit a pull request and we will review your code.

    • If you can write the code using Abqus’ Python API but would rather not bother with the object-oriented framework, you can send us scripts and we may be able to add them to the software. Make sure to say this in your feature request.

    • If you have a new concept that you think can add value to the scientific community, send the maintainer of the repository (M. Khoshbin) a private message on GitHub. We may be able to collaborate in a scientific framework.